In the world of discrete boost pedals, there are 4 Major Arcana: JFET, MOSFET, Silicon, and Germanium, each imbued with their own special tonal characteristics. JFET: The most transparent of all. MOSFET: Edgy, bright, and sparkly. Silicon: powerful punchy low end.Germanium: Vintage exotica that is warm and gritty.
     What if you could have all 4 of these essential boost circuits in one pedal? And what if all 4 of them could be customized with a powerful 2-band EQ? And what if this pedal had a soft-touch true bypass relay switching system that didn't make a loud pop when you engaged the pedal? Well, you'd have the BigToneMusicBrewery Quadboost is what you'd have.
     The BTMB Quatboost features all panel mounted hardware, through-hole components, and is assembled entirely by hand, in our shop here in the US. Operates on a single 9V battery or a standard negative tip 9VDC power supply.