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    BigToneMusicBrewery is owned and operated by Keith VonderHulls. It is the sister company of www.buildyourownclone.com. BigToneMusicBrewery production and design was put on hold in 2004 when demand for BuildYourOwnClone products became too great to continue running both businesses at the same time. BigToneMusicBrewery now has a new focus and direction, and lots of ideas that we're very excited about. This is a labor of love for us and we can no longer keep it on the backburner.

    At BuildYourOwnClone, the goal is to create simple to build kits of all the essential and "standard" FX circuits that are must haves for guitar players. Having the experience of BYOC in our corner has given us a fresh new outlook on guitar FX design. Working with thousands of beginners to help them build and modify their ideal pedals has helped us to approach FX design, and see things from the customer's point of view in a way that is completely different from any other company. It's helped us to see beyond our own ideas and realize what it is that real guitar players want. BYOC also requires us to have such an intimate knowledge of so many different vintage circuits, that we not only have a firm foundation of knowing what good tone is and how to get it, but we also know what already exists...and more importantly, what doesn't exist but should.

    Here at BigToneMusicBrewery, our goal is to create new and exciting FX pedals that are simple to use and different from everything else out there. We aren't going to have 20 different versions of modified tube screamers and fuzz faces. We aren't going to try to make weird "original" noise makers just for the sake of being original. We know good tone and we know what's lacking in the world of guitar FX. It's our mission to fill that gap.



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